Solution CitrISO


A new citrate containing anticoagulant agent is available for all fields of haemotherapy, e.g. for

• in-vitro diagnostics
  - general coagulation diagnostics
  - specific coagulation diagnostics

• transfusion medicine
  - production and storage of blood products (cell concentrates, plasma)
  - mechanical processing of blood products (cytapherese, plasmapherese)

• therapy (in vivo); extracorporeal blood treatment, e.g.
  - heart-lung machine (HLM)
  - extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
  - continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)
    (haemofiltration, CVVH; haemodialysis, CVVHD; haemodiafiltration, CVVHDF)
  - intermittent renal replacement therapy (intermittent haemodialysis, IHD)


With CitrISO the first appropriate iso-citrate is provided, using arginine citrate instead of sodium citrate, which simulates the composition of human blood to the greatest possible extend:

• Isotonicity: Osmolality 288 ± 10 mosmol/kg H2O

• Isonatremia: Sodium (Na) 142 ± 10 mmol/l

• Isokalemia: Potassium (K) 4.5 ± 2 mmol/l

• Isohydricity in-vitro: Base Excess (BE) 0 ± 10 mmol/l

• Isohydricity in-vivo: potential Base Excess (BEpot) 0 ± 10 mmol/l

These iso characteristics are the great advantage of such an anticoagulant:  When using CitrISO any dilution of blood is possible, in-vitro and in-vivo. Only the resulting citrate concentration is altered, but not the fundamental composition of the blood in the blood-citrate mixture.
Due to its clear benefits CitrISO is applicable for all fields of anticoagulation therapy where the present sodium citrate is used for.